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A business is an activity or enterprise entered into for profit. The most common types of businesses include manufacturing, retail and service. Businesses can be small, such as an individual’s side hustle or a company that employs hundreds of people. They can also be massive, such as a publicly-traded corporation or an oil giant. Businesses may also be nonprofits. Business news is a category of news that reports on issues and events relating to business, such as financial markets, companies’ profits or losses, M&A activity, venture capital, industry growth, personal finance and politics. Business news can be found in a variety of media outlets, including newspapers, magazines and online.

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular sources for business news, as are the New York Times and Bloomberg. Other well-known business news outlets include Fortune, CNN Money, Forbes and Inc. Magazine. In addition to general business news, some magazines and newspapers also offer specific business coverage in the form of columnists and regular features.

For startups and smaller businesses, landing coverage in business news can be difficult. Most major business publications have large audiences and many competitors, so it’s important to pitch your story in a way that will stand out. If you’re unable to make your story as compelling as a bigger news item, consider pitching it to a trade publication instead. Trade publications focus on specific industries and often cover in-depth stories that shed light on key issues, trends and personnel changes within a given field.

Whether you’re looking for business news from your favorite company or want to learn more about how other companies are making their mark in the world, the Business News Daily has you covered. Browse our articles for the latest insights into today’s top trends in everything from marketing to human resources.

Skye Schooley is a writer for Business News Daily, where she has authored hundreds of pieces with a focus on human resources. She researches and writes articles that provide tips on how businesses can better manage their workforce, increase productivity, foster workplace diversity and improve organizational culture. She has written about a wide range of topics, such as HR technology, employee monitoring software and PEO services. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Amanda Larkins is a client success manager at Centerfield, where she works closely with clients to help them achieve their goals and grow their business. She is passionate about building relationships with prospects and customers, and has experience managing the entire sales funnel from content to qualified traffic and repeat business. Prior to joining Centerfield, she worked in client success roles at Monster and TechTarget.

This guide was developed by the staff of the Reference and Research Section, Library of Congress, to assist researchers in finding newspaper titles that carry business news and information. It is intended to be a comprehensive list of print and microform business resources, but it does not replace the need for researchers to use general guides to newspaper collections in order to identify titles they wish to consult. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact a librarian directly through Ask-A-Librarian.

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