Business News and Sources From the Library of Congress

Business news is the reporting of information related to companies and their operations. This type of news impacts the stock market, investment decisions and global trade. It can also provide insight into management changes, new products and services, economic trends and more. Business news is published in a variety of formats, including newspapers, magazines, television broadcasts and the internet.

A business is an entity that sells goods or services in exchange for payment. It can be anything from a sole proprietorship to a multinational corporation. Business can be profitable or loss-making, but the primary goal is to generate income. Whether or not profits are generated, a business is considered to be in business when it is active and has assets.

Those who follow business news are interested in learning about the financial health of companies and countries. They are interested in learning about mergers, acquisitions, stock market movements and more. Business news is important to all stakeholders, from individual investors to governments and corporations.

This guide provides an overview of business news and sources available from the Library of Congress. It is designed to help you find the business news you are looking for quickly and easily.

While many people know about popular business news outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal and CNN, there are many more sources of business news. Some of the most common include local and regional newspapers, online news sites, blogs and radio stations. You can also use the Library of Congress catalog to find publications in print or on microform.

If you are looking for a specific topic or subject, it is recommended that you consult the Business News Sources Reference Guide and/or contact a librarian for assistance. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a librarian via email or chat.

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