How New Laws Are Made

The term law new has come to refer to companies, startups and law firm subsidiaries augmenting traditional legal services. But where exactly does that pathway lead?

How Our Laws Are Made

The law of New York consists of constitutional, statutory and regulatory law. Statutory law includes the Consolidated Laws and a number of other statutes of general application. The Open Meetings Law applies to public bodies, which are defined broadly as city councils, town boards, village boards of trustees, school boards and committees thereof, commissions and legislative bodies of counties, state agencies, not-for-profit corporations, political parties and religious organizations. All of these entities must follow the requirements of the Open Meetings Law in the conduct of their business and meetings. Bills to create new laws are introduced in either the House or Senate by a representative or senator who sponsors them. They are then assigned a number and go through a process of research, discussion, changes, and voting. Once enacted by Congress, bills become Public Laws (or Acts) and are published in the Statutes at Large.

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