New York Laws – New Year, New Rules

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A law is an official rule created and approved by a legislature, like Congress. It is a set of rules that governs behavior in a country or society. Laws are passed through a process of proposing ideas, discussing them, changing them, and voting. When they are approved by Congress, or another legislative body, they become Public Laws (or Acts) which are enforceable by the courts.

When a bill is introduced, it must be assigned to committees for research, discussion, and changes. The staff of the committee then writes a committee report that describes what the bill is intended to do and why it should be approved. This report is used by the courts, executive departments, and the general public to understand the purpose of the law.

Some major law changes took effect as the new year began in New York. Governor Kathy Hochul signed bills addressing issues from worker rights to health and school resources. In addition, a new law will help decrease accidental drug overdoses by allowing local pharmacies to hand out fentanyl testing supplies. The legislation is called Matthew’s Law, in honor of Matthew Horan who died from a fentanyl overdose in 2020. Read more about the bill here.

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