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law new

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One Piece – Law Is Strong Now

Trafalgar Law was introduced to fans during the Sabaody Archipelago arc and he has since established himself as an essential part of the story. He is a pirate who has been shown to have tremendous strength and intellect, which makes him one of the strongest characters in the anime.

In addition to his incredible strength, Law also has a variety of other powers that he uses to fight against others. For example, he can create ROOMs that give him an almost unrivaled amount of control over terrain and the people in them. This is a power that Law used to battle Yonko Big Mom in the Wano Country arc.

He is also known to be able to negate the Devil Fruit powers of others, which gives him a considerable edge over them. In fact, he even used his abilities against Doc Q during the Punk Hazard arc when he was able to defeat him with ease.

While Law is not as strong as Yonko Big Mom, he still has some incredible skills and capabilities that have helped him stand out from the rest of the pirates in the manga. Besides his amazing strength and his ability to negate the powers of others, Law is also a master of the Ope Ope no Mi.

This is a great power and it has helped him in many battles against other pirates, including Blackbeard. The main reason why he didn’t beat Yonko Big Mom is because Law was unable to negate her powers using his Haki, but thanks to his medical expertise, he was able to learn how to counter the Yonko’s abilities with his own.

A few more powerful skills that Law has are his ability to manipulate time and space, as well as his ability to make others become human. These skills are also great because they can be used to make others stronger, which can be beneficial in a number of situations.

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