The Law New

The law new refers to legislation that has recently been proposed, debated and voted on by Congress or another legislative body. When a bill is passed, it becomes an official rule that everyone must follow.

The information and resources provided on this page are intended to help communities understand federal laws, regulations and Children’s Bureau policies. As new laws and regulations are passed, or Children’s Bureau policies are updated, this page will be updated accordingly.

The Law New section covers topics related to the Open Meetings Law (Public Officers Law) that applies to meetings held by public bodies in the State of New York, including cities, towns, villages, school districts and committees or subcommittees of those groups. The term “public body” means any entity consisting of two or more persons who conduct public business or perform a governmental function for New York State, an agency of the State or a municipality. This includes city councils, town boards, village boards of trustees, school boards and commissions as well as the committees or subcommittees that comprise those bodies.

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