What Is Law New?

The law field is an exciting place for new ideas. New law is a broad concept that can include everything from working with underserved populations to creating strategies for handling complex cases. All lawyers should keep a close eye on this area of the law because it is ripe with opportunity.

The legal industry will become increasingly integrated with the businesses and societies it serves. This integration will produce a fluid, collaborative approach to legal delivery and problem solving that eschews the artificial distinctions between law firm, in-house, and alternative provider sources. The result will be a customer-centric, scalable, data-sharing legal product and service that delivers at the speed of business and society.

To achieve this, the legal industry will need to transform its internal culture. It will need to stop being a fiefdom of lawyers and instead resemble its corporate customers in terms of cognitively, demographically, culturally, and experiential diversity. It will need to rely on team-oriented, cross-functional, customer-centric legal professionals who are creative, tech and data proficient, empathetic, and collaborative. The legal function will also need to integrate itself with the rest of the enterprise, erasing artificially lawyer-created boundaries between its supply chain and other business units.

This bill would require City agencies to disclose when private identifying information has been accessed, disclosed or used by an unauthorized person. It would also amend the definition of a privacy breach to align it with New York’s SHIELD Act, and require that a notice of a breach be provided in an electronic format.

DRAGNET is a collection of free legal research websites, search engines, and databases that are organized by subject matter to facilitate the conduct of legal research. It is a service of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law.

How a Bill Becomes a Law

A federal law is created through a process known as “lawmaking.” Bills to create new laws are introduced in either the House or Senate by a sponsor. The bill is then assigned to a committee to be researched, discussed, and changed before being put on the floor for a vote. The lawmaking processes of the House and Senate are similar but different.

Law New

Rather than focusing on law’s legacy delivery models, which are outdated and self-congratulatory, the legal industry will focus on its future in customer-centricity. It will seek to deliver a scalable, customer-centric legal product and service that produces high net promoter scores and drives client impact and value. The legal industry will no longer be a fiefdom of lawyers and will instead resemble its corporate customers in terms of diversity, collaboration, customer impact, and delivery speed. It will then have the ability to compete with technology firms that are delivering at the speed of business and society. It is time for law to get its new law.

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