What is Law New?

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Law new is about offering the type of legal help clients need, in a way that benefits both them and the firm. This may involve a shift in strategy, embracing technology or a different focus for staff. This type of work isn’t for every firm but it could be an opportunity to find new business.

A number of new laws take effect across the US on Saturday, with measures having to do with abortion, wages, police reform and more. Here’s a look at some of the most significant legislation.

New Hampshire has become the first state to ban abortion after 24 weeks, but allows the procedure if it is necessary for a woman’s health or life. The measure comes as the US Supreme Court considers a case that could significantly restrict abortion rights. Republican lawmakers are pushing to further limit abortions while Democratic-led states are passing pro-choice laws.

Thousands of infrastructure projects have been awarded federal funding under the new bipartisan law, including road repaving, water system upgrades and highway expansions. A map from the Congressional Budget Office shows how these projects are spread out across the country.

The CUNY Law Review seeks shorter, more time-sensitive contributions-such as comments on recent federal or state case law, critiques of legislative proposals, and legal analyses of current events-for inclusion in Footnote Forum, a supplement to the journal. More information is available on the journal’s website.

In addition to its long-form articles, the CUNY Law Review also publishes short, topical pieces for its eAlerts series. This article on maternity leave is an example. The article clearly and concisely addresses a common issue for many employers, while using subheadings to provide a clear structure and refer to relevant legislation.

NLBM gives lawyers *all* the tools to not only build thriving law practices, but also to deeply connect with their clients and provide them with stellar service time and time again. This is a completely new approach to the practice of law that creates a win/win for everyone: the clients, their families and the lawyers who serve them.

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