What is Law New in New York City?

Law New

Law is a broad term that can describe many different things, but most often it means a newly proposed or adopted legal regulation. The Law Department frequently publishes news about changes to the City Charter, the City Administrative Code, and NYC Rules. These laws are referred to collectively as the “laws of the City” (or simply, “the City’s laws”).

Legislative Proposals

Most ideas for new laws come in the form of legislative proposals, known as bills. Bills are formally introduced in the House of Representatives or the Senate and assigned a number based on their order of introduction during each Congress. A bill may become a Public Law, or Act, if approved by both the House and the Senate and signed by the President. Private bills, on the other hand, generally deal with matters that only affect one specific person or entity.

This bill would require City agencies to promptly disclose to affected persons a data breach involving personal identifying information. It would also make certain definitions in City law more consistent with State law.

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