What’s New in Law Enforcement?

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Law new means a fresh approach to legal service. This approach typically involves a more nimble and flexible business model, utilizing a mix of staff and fee structures that are not always found in traditional law firms. A well thought out strategy making use of these techniques can benefit a firm’s clients and provide a revenue stream that can help them meet client demands.

The law is the foundation of our society, and the courts are the institution that interprets and applies the law. The legal system is a complex and evolving process, and each year brings with it new opportunities and challenges for lawyers.

Congress is the lawmaking branch of the federal government. Learn about how bills become laws and what the process looks like in each chamber of Congress.

Several significant new laws took effect in California on Jan. 1, and many are expected to have an impact on everyday life in the state. One major piece of legislation aims to end the “pink tax” by requiring that stores list prices for men and women’s items separately. This will allow shoppers to see how much products cost based on gender, and some advocates say it could be a big step toward more equal pay.

A renowned trial lawyer is returning to the bench after a 12-month absence, and a prominent law firm partner is considering sitting by designation in district court, according to recent court filings. Also in this issue:

Laws New

The City’s laws are governed by the Constitution, statutes passed by the City Council and periodically codified in the Consolidated Laws, and decisions by City agencies and the courts. The following are new laws and regulations that DCWP and other City agencies have adopted or amended since the last issue of this newsletter. Additional information on other laws and regulations that have been recently enacted, vetoed or failed to pass during a legislative session can be found by visiting our New Laws Search page. You can switch what year you’re searching for on the page, as well as filter by law type. DCWP also provides law and rule updates on its Twitter feed.

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