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For more than 130 years, the Yale Daily News has been Yale’s primary source of news and debate, published each day when classes are in session. It is the oldest college daily in the United States and is read by a large and diverse audience, both within and outside the University community. Many of the newspaper’s students, editors, and writers have gone on to prominent careers in journalism, government, business, academia, and beyond. This collection presents the front pages of hundreds of newspapers from across the U.S. and many nations worldwide. Each page is available in a high-resolution PDF that can be viewed in your browser or downloaded to your computer. A map is also provided, which can be used to locate a particular newspaper or view front pages from countries around the world. Click on an image to enlarge it, or use the search box at the top of the page to find a specific newspaper.

The daily news brings New Yorkers the best in national and local news, New York exclusives, politics, and more. The paper’s award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers are on the pulse of every story from the Big Apple to the globe. Plus no one covers the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets like the Daily News. Founded in 1878 by Malcolm D. Mix and his brother Samuel, the paper was the first successful daily newspaper in New York City.

In addition to the daily paper, The Daily News has a host of weekly publications and special sections covering the Genesee County area. The News has a long history of innovation, including starting the nation’s first radio station (WPIX-AM) and buying what became WFAN-FM in 1992. It has also maintained local bureaus in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens; and a television studio inside One Police Plaza in New York City.

From the start, The Daily News has been at the forefront of photojournalism. It was the first newspaper to use a moving picture carousel to present news events, and it introduced the “spinning globe” photo for the front cover in 1925. In 1928, it even captured the famous photo of Ruth Snyder being executed in the electric chair on its front page.

The paper has had to contend with the same shifts in readership and advertising that have plagued the industry at large, but it remains committed to its founding principles of providing quality journalism for its readers. It is currently owned by Sample News Group, based in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The company publishes 17 daily newspapers and 35 weeklies in the state, as well as several niche publications. The Daily News has won numerous awards for writing, photography and design. The site also features an extensive archive of photographs and articles dating back to the founding of the newspaper. The archive can be accessed from the home page of the website, and is constantly being updated with new photos and stories. It is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to see it.

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